Q: Does it cost me anything to use the site?
A: No, INAA do not make a charge for using the site. However, you will be required to either pay a deposit or the full charge of the booking to secure your appointment.

Q: How do I cancel an appointment?
A: Simply go to my account page, select the appointments tab, choose the appointment you need to cancel and then click the cancel button. You will receive a text message and email confirming the cancellation and the salon will be informed. You must comply with the cancellation period set by the Salon. Otherwise you are in jeopardy of losing your deposit/payment.

Q: What if I forget to cancel my appointment?
A: You will lose your deposit or the charge made when booking. It is your responsibility to let the Salon know that you are cancelling.

Q: Why do you need my details?
A: INAA need your details to pass to the Salon, to ensure accuracy - just the same way you would give details if you had booked your appointment by phone.

Q: Is the price shown guaranteed by the Salon?
A: Yes, the Salon sets the price not INAA.

Q: Do you own Salons
A: No. Salons join the INAA booking portal and marketing services - INAA are the communication provider.
Q: What if I am unhappy with the results of my service?
A: INAA will make every endeavour to ensure you are a happy customer. However the contract for service is between you and the Salon, INAA are the technical conduit for the booking.
Q: Do INAA guarantee my booking?
A: Yes, providing the Salon has complied with the Terms & Conditions of Contract - INAA will provide a money back guarantee that the data has passed between the INAA booking portal and the Salon to ensure validity of the booking.

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